Power Transformers

Laminated steel transformers and inductors utilize a magnetic structure comprised of thin steel sheets. These sheets, or laminations, are stacked to form a core. Laminations are frequently punched out in the shape of E’s and I’s, hence the common term “EI lamination”. One or more copper windings are wound through and around the core. Laminated steel transformers and inductors can be supplied for both single and three phase applications.


  • Available in both smaller and larger sizes than toroid designs
  • Easily gapped for inductor applications
  • Suitable for high voltage and high current applications

Typical Applications

  • Power supplies
  • Battery chargers
  • Inverters
  • A-c filter inductors (reactors)
  • D-c smoothing inductors (chokes)
  • Auto-transformers
  • Isolation transformers

Ratings and Sizes

All of General’s products are custom designed for specific applications. Available ratings depend upon a number of factors including power requirements, maximum voltages, currents, and frequency. We can produce laminated steel isolation transformers with ratings from 100 va to 60 kva for 50/60 Hz, operation, autotransformers to 120 kva, and transformers for 400 Hz operation to 20 kva or more. Please do not hesitate to inquire as to your requirements.

Please call us at 972-442-1285 or contact us for your custom power transformer magnetic application.