Why Choose Us

Why should you trust General Transformer Corp. to build your custom power transformers?

  • Experience and dedication: Our only business has been serving the custom transformer requirements of our customers since 1976.
  • Quality: Every single transformer we make is tested and inspected to assure that it meets our customers’ requirements and expectations. We aren’t 100% perfect, but we’re at least 99.97% and working hard to improve.
  • Range of products:  We’re proud to be one of the few transformer manufacturers to produce standard EI laminated transformers, Ferroresonant Transformers, Controlled Ferros, and Toroidal Transformers.  We can provide the optimum solution for your specific application.
  • Custom Products:  Every part we make is custom designed to meet your specifications and requirements. “Almost right” isn’t good enough for us, and it shouldn’t be for you.
  • Made in USA:  We proudly manufacture our product in our plant in Wylie, Texas.  A significant portion of our product is shipped around the world.  We retain complete control over our production processes and procedures, make top quality products at competitive prices, assure on-time deliveries, and provide American jobs.

Please call us at 972-442-1285 or contact us for your custom transformer application.